Monday, January 31, 2011

Wake Up & Live

Death has never been an easy thing to wrap my head around. The word alone can spark pain, anger, fear, and sadness in an instant. Close encounters with death bring value to life. We reflect on what's really important and priorities sometimes shift. The loss of life brings major change. It most often affects the lives of others and significantly changes circumstances.

Yet in the whirlwind of reflection, heartache, and change, it is easy to forget one thing... life. It's easy to lose sight of the life lived so fully by that person we loved so much. We are caught up in the grief (understandably so) but dismiss the God-breathed destiny that has just been fulfilled. There is purpose in all circumstances. Though some questions may remain unanswered here on earth, the mysteries of this life will be understood in time. In spite of valid desires to have them around and the love of who they were in our lives, we can't forget that God's plan make more sense than ours.

This earthly life is just a breath--a blink in time. So reflect on this; when you come face to face with the Creator of the Universe, what will you have to say? I spent my journey in doubt, agony, discontent. I didn't really care for or help others. I loved, but only certain people. I was selfish, ignorant, judged others. I loved money and had lots of stuff. I held grudges. It felt good and it was what I wanted. I believed in you but I hate Christians. Church was boring. I always took and never gave. Your way was too hard. I was ungrateful for the little things and I took for granted the big. I read every Harry Potter, Twilight and Nicholas Sparks book, the Bible wasn't my style. I was popular. I had 1100 facebook friends. I talked and texted more than I prayed. I worked all the time. It was hard to make time for you. I loved you, I just never told anyone. I was good looking and had nice clothes. I didn't honor or care about your magnificent earth. I did me.

Not exactly some words I would like to exchange with God.

We only have this one chance to get this journey right. If you believe in Jesus Christ then you can count on the promise of forgiveness. His death rewards; true life begins at death. The Bible says perfect love drives out all fear.

What's perfect love? The Almighty God coming to earth as a man to understand, embrace, meet, and know His people. All the while he is only alive to die the most painful of deaths. That selfless act gives us the chance at life and relationship with Him forever. That is perfect love and that is why, in Christ, there is no fear in death. He doesn't expect us to be perfect--he knows we can't. His perfection is our redemption. He was perfect so we don't have to be. His perfect love for us drives out the fear that this is it. It offers a grace so big and the inheritance of perfection in heaven for eternity.
It's time to live. Live out your destiny. Live fully. Embrace change, don't fear it. Grieve, cry, remember, hurt, learn. Live everyday without regret. Be humble. Don't live for what others think. Grow. Stop wishing things were different. Move forward. Be bold. Stop wasting time on petty arguments and complaints. Give people a chance. Make sacrifices for God. Forgive yourself. Be generous. Share your faith. Be a positive example. Smile at strangers. Stop the judging and jealousy. Love your flaws. Ask people how they are and actually listen to their answer. Love yourself. Love others even if they're hard to. Hope, laugh, reflect, heal, rejoice.

Live out the destiny already planned for you. A life lived fully for God rewards with an even better life, a perfect life filled with unfailing love. There is no pain, no hurt, no sickness, no disappointment and relationships as perfect as sacrificial love. Live to give true life to those around you, just as Jesus did.

Paul said it like this,
"For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."
This temporary life is made to live in, for, and as Christ, loving God and others. Fully alive and yet ready for the gain of real life--perfect life in heaven. I spent my morning watching the sunrise over the ocean reflecting on the life of one of the most wonderful men I have ever met and though sad I don't get to enjoy him in this life anymore, I am envious of the life he now lives. Fully alive, whole, healed, and talking architecture with the Creator of everything. That's the good life.

So go...God's destiny for your life awaits. Better start now, this life's time limit is not up to you. 

**Dedicated the Mr. Rick Kendust Sr., my Papa K, my second dad- I love you. Not goodbye but see you later…**

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  1. Beautiful Lauren. Thank you for sharing your heart. I can see it is growing more beautiful everyday.

    much love and prayers,