Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cardboard Faith

Ever had a moment where you’re pretty sure you just met Jesus? This is one of those.

It was on the way to a shopping day in Orlando. The hour drive went by quickly and as I got off the exit I began to salivate at the thought of Coach purses and Lucky Jeans. The red brake lights in front of me rattled me from my daze. I pressed the peddle and slowed for the approaching stop light. As I glanced around at my whereabouts, something directly to my left caught my eye. A woman, I’d say in her late 30’s, my height with brown wavy hair stood in grassy median holding a sign.

Black marker across the tattered cardboard read, “Husband died. Trying to feed our family—please help.”  Immediately I reached into my purse and grabbed what little cash I had. I rolled down the window and studied her for a moment. One hand grasped the cardboard, the other lifted towards the heavens. Her lips in movement of speech, eyes gazing upward to the sky. She was praying.

“Ma’am,” I said. “This is all I have, I'm sorry. May I know your name?  I want to pray for you.”
Tears welled up in her eyes and slid down her face, she replied “Jody.”

As I stared at her tear stained face, I saw a glimmer of something. Her green eyes pierced my soul. “I’m going to pray for you Jody. God loves you so much. He is going to take care of you and your family.”
A slight brightness flashed across her face, without hesitation she said, “I know."
I prayed for her as I drove. I felt God. I trusted he was going to take care of her even though I couldn’t. My mind began to process this Jesus encounter & Jody’s faith.  Her fearful, meaningful, humbled faith. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that she was standing in the middle of a median praying. Dead husband, hungry kids, begging for money, yet this mother stood in faith praying.

I admired her. Character is revealed in our response to life’s circumstances. At whatever moment she decided to trust God in every circumstance, she wasn’t kidding around. She decided against mediocre faith. She chose hope in something greater.
Faith > Fear.

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  1. you leave me without words, and surely you know how hard thatis to do. I adore you, Lauren. Truly, I do. :) I love that whenever I get to talk with you I have a Jesus moment, because He is SO alive in you. Love you!