Monday, May 09, 2011

The Weight of Words [Video Blog]

First Video Blog Evaa! (and probably the last --haha!) Hopefully you get something out of my ramblings!! Miss you all --more blogs coming sooon! SCHOOLS ALMOST FINISHED!! 


  1. Writing or Videoblogging, you are an inspiring, beautiful, and God-loving woman. Thank you so much and I hope you have a safe, enjoyable, and fulfilling journey to Poland.
    God bless!

  2. What beautiful words of encouragement Lauren from your heart that truly touched mine!..."Become my Steadfast Rock"...You are so right!! That's what it's all about like you said allowing God to carry you wherever He wants you to go! I will be praying for you & your Mission Trip to Poland! I look forward to reading about the Love of God & all He's gonna show you there! I just wanted to share these verses with you that God has placed on mine this season of my life!.......

    Psalm 27:14.."Rely on the Lord! Be strong & Confident! Rely on the Lord!"

    Psalm 27:3..."Though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war rise against me- in this I'll be Confident!"

    In Christ Love & Confidence,
    Monica :)

  3. Lauren, I'm a friend of RJ's, and I remember him linking your blog to his Facebook for others to check out, and I just thought you should know you're incredibly inspiring, and I'm so glad RJ has someone like you in his life. I hold him to such a high regard as a friend, and you're an incredible girl.

    Keep blogging and hang in there, your video posts are awesome, so don't let this be the last! Hope you're having a blast doing inspirational things in Poland.

    Hope I get to meet you sometime! :)