Thursday, January 03, 2013

Clicking Play

...And then the song changes.

That’s what a ‘season to sing’ was from the beginning. A playlist of songs. My playlist. Some were lovely, memorable, and great. Others, I wished would just end already but was unsure if they ever would.  Some I fell in love with and wanted to play on repeat. A few got deleted, lost, or had some kind of virus. Each season has brought changing melodies. As every song does, eventually they come to an end and move forward to the next.

Understand of course this is only a metaphor for what this life offers--change.

Like an ipod on shuffle life’s tune is often unpredictable. Songs no matter the genre or era, carry a melody that is distinct. They vary in taste, style, speed, and rhythm. They stop before you want them to. They get old. They never get old. They bring moments of time to a standstill, taking us back to a first kiss, an inside joke, a spontaneous dance party, or a broken heart. No one playlist is the same, much like our lives.

We all have one thing in common though; the song always changes.

The past few years of writing out my life for others to analyze, judge, laugh at, cry for, and be a part of, hasn’t been for attention or because it’s all that interesting (I’m aware it is far from this). It has simply been the music sharing. My songs.

 Season to sing is sewn together by the common thread of hope. Life eventually moved forward. Seasons don’t stay the same.

So the next time you’re in place that is painful, or challenging, or difficult remember that it just may be a shield from something worse. We often feel confused and abandoned in moments of darkness but it’s only dark until the sun rises. It is only dark because the pinhole of light is too far for us to see that there is an exit ahead. In my first blog, I wrote “God uses change to change us”, and that’s true. Even now. Change doesn’t always make sense. But it is good. Even when it’s hard; it is good.   

Change can also be easy and happy. Like listening to the best song you have ever heard. Those are the moments you have to close your eyes, and listen. Just listen. Enjoy that melody. Because it’s good. Because you love it. Because at that moment it is just what you need to hear. Enjoy the warmth and light of the sun. Dance. Sing off key. Reality is, the song will only last so long. Don’t get hung up on that. Don’t compare it to the last or the next. The next might suck. But this one is perfect. Enjoy this one. Live in this song.

My song just changed. 
And I’m just going to smile and listen.
Join me, won’t you?

 This is my last blog post in season to sing. You can follow my new adventures here

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