Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chasing Memories

Update #2: Chasing Memories.

Shortly after graduation I had the blessing of 11 days of blissful vacation...and a very special visitor. Chase and I crossed paths last Summer as he set out for India and I was taking off for Poland but we became friends at debrief 10 weeks later and kept in touch ever since. More recently, after what we affectionately call a time of "courting," I happily introduce you to my boyfriend...

Things you oughta know about him:
1. He loves God. [My most favorite thing about him]
2. He is a traveler [Africa - India - Denmark - Europe - Chicago - Virginia]
3. He is creative and smart. [Finishing a degree in Architecture at Virginia Tech]
4. He makes me laugh. [Also he put up with my goofy awkweirdness]
5. He is down to earth. [Easy going. Content. Happy.]

Here's a glance at what I like to call eleven days of Chasing memories:

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